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Product Phosphoric acid ,tech grade(85%)
Molecular formula H3PO4
Molecular weight 98
Specification industrial use (85%80%75%): meet GB/T 2091-2008; JISK1449-78; Low heavy metal environmental protection; Customer requirements.

20L plastic drum; 200L plastic drumiron plastic drum; Bulk Tank;Customer requirements.

Usage Metal surface treatment agent, phosphate raw material products, organic reaction catalysts, refractory additives, activated carbon treatment agent.
Product Phosphoric acid,food grade
Molecular formula H3PO4
Molecular weight 98
Features Colorless and transparent oily liquid, odorless, acid, soluble in water, soluble in ethanol. less acidic than sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid as a weak, but more acetic acid, boric acid and other weak acid as a strong, corrosive to the skin. Stored in the warm air will absorb moisture thinning.
Specification food additive (85%80%75%): meet GB3149-2004;FCC (IV);customer requirement.
Packaging 20L plastic drum; 200L plastic drumiron plastic drum; Bulk Tank;Customer requirements.
USage used as a clarifying agent in food and beverage, sour agents, yeast nutrients, preparation of food grade phosphates.
Product Phosphoric acid, electronic grade
Molecular formula H3PO4
Molecular weight 98
Melting point 42 degree
Boiling point 213 degree
Density 1.834
Storage Sealed
Physical and chemical properties Colorless, odorless, viscous liquid, soluble in water and alcohol. Pure phosphoric acid is a colorless orthorhombic crystals, rich deliquescence. Soluble in water and ethanol. weaker acidic than sulfuric acid / hydrochloric acid and nitric acid , but stronger than acetic acid / boric acid and other weak acid, can stimulate the skin tissues, causing inflammation and damage. Phosphoric acid soluble in water and heat, will be heated to high temperatures and partial water loss into the phosphoric acid pyrophosphate, prolonged exposure to cold that is generated crystallization, there are corrosive, easy moisture absorption.
Usage Determination of chromium in iron Vi/ Ni / Ba composition / metal rust-proof, rubber coagulant, serum non-protein nitrogen / total bile alcohol and whole blood glucose. Crystalline phosphate is mainly used for micro-electronics / high-energy battery / laser glass manufacturing process, as a high-purity catalyst / medical materials.
Product Yellow Phosphorus
Molecular formula P4
Molecualr weight 123.89
PAckaging Bulk Tank
Usage Thermal method for the production of phosphoric acid, Phosphorus trichloride, Phosphorus oxychloride, phosphorus pentasulfide and manufacture of trichlorfon, a ammonium phosphate, chlordimeform, dichlorvos and other organophosphate pesticides and rodent medicine raw materials.
Storage Iron drum, drum should be absolutely no leakage, yellow phosphorus, submerged in water. Should be flammable, explosive materials, oxidizing agents, sulfur, acid and oxygen isolation, away from heat and fire.
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